Your project and your deadlines are important to me. I can help you inform, report, communicate, inspire and instruct with the right words in the right context. Services include annual reports, web copy, product labels and descriptions, non-fiction texts and feature articles.


You have a body of work that does not hit the mark, the message is clouded, the language lacks punch, but you feel you have invested too much to consider abandoning it. My rewriting service is perfect for you. I rewrite with a focus on plain English and my goal is to rework your project into the most effective form of communication for your needs.


Your project needs a good edit, some tightening up, organisation and structure. Where I can help is in identifying and eliminating the barriers to communication, giving your work an appropriate structure and the essential elements it needs to be ready for your publication date.


Errors and inconsistencies undermine the integrity of a document. In my proofreading service I eliminate the faults that are created during the publishing process to give you a seamless piece of communication where the focus is squarely on your ideas and creative vision. This is the third phase of editing – the verification edit – and investing in this step means the difference between an adequate work and an excellent one.

Contact me. I can spot an error at fifty paces.